Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Breast Views Blog: The Campaign to Control Cancer

I just found a website with an 'Access Your Cancer Risk' questionnaire. It includes a comprehensive list of cancer types to choose from. Since I'm 'breastcentric, I clicked through the Breast Cancer questions.

My results: I'm slightly below average in 'likely to get breast cancer'. One of the reasons for my score was that: "I'm not tall."

I'm a lengthy 5'5.5".

I had no idea that my 'not tallness' was good for my health.

So now you know.

Short people, live longer.

Here's what my breast cancer report claimed.

Being tall may raise your risk of colon cancer and breast cancer. Scientists aren't sure why. One reason may be that tall people have more cells in their bodies, which increases the number of cells that could become cancerous. Another reason may be that tall people grow faster as children. Faster growth is linked to changes in the genetic structure (DNA) of the body's cells, eventually causing them to become cancerous.

Go ahead and take the test. The Campaign to Control Cancer

Sue Richards
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