Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Breast Views Blog: Breast Enhancement

I'll be clear. I'm not in favour of breast enhancement. Breast implants are risky devises, cosmetic surgery is experimental and the reason everyone and their mother is flocking to beef up their boobs is fueled by BIG BUSINESS our BIG BREAST loving society.

This story gives you a candid look at what women are prepared to overlook in order to get get looked over.
"They're fine if it makes a woman happy."

According to the article, the shame and stigma of getting implants has passed. I wonder if the wisdom and confidence to not get implants will eventually kick in.

Sue Richards
Publisher of a 'confident' breast calendar.

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Anonymous Michael said...

How sad. Not that I would promote shame. But the answer is neither surgery nor bras, but a recognition that we grow, we mature and so do breasts - like a ripening fruit I would like to think.

I think BOC by promoting the normal is an important step in this direction.

2:10 PM  

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