Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Breast Views Blog: Bra-Makers Supply

I received this blurb from Beverly Johnson, author of The Bra-makers Manual, the 235 page,760 technical illustrations bible of "over the shoulder boulder holders."

"From its humble beginning as a square of cloth, to the engineered marvels of today, the bra has earned its place in history as both the most loved and the most hated garment. Some studies have shown that 70% of women are unhappy with the fit of their bras; others put that number at 85%. Bands that ride up, cups that don’t fit, and wires that pinch and poke‚– being in an ill-fitting bra all day is uncomfortable at best; but worse, a sagging (or bulging) profile makes us look heavier and older than we really are!"

Find out more about the book and the world of bra makers here.

Sue Richards

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