Friday, July 28, 2006

The Breast Views Blog: Magazine's 'breastfeeding' cover reflects larger debate on public nursing

Just like anything in life, the more you see it, the more you get used to it. I happen to have a window on the world of one woman's breastfeeding experience. Her comfort level is so high and her child so content that I barely notice her feeding routine anymore.

Of course not everyone is in my boat. Check this story out to hear what other folks have to say.

Magazine's 'breastfeeding' cover reflects larger debate on public nursing

I wonder if the same outrage is directed towards the entertainment industy because of their 'use' of breasts.

Sue Richards

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Blogger Michael said...

We were happy to see that the controversy over this issue went down like a lead balloon amongst Mothering groups, such as (love the smilies!)

We are also happy to see that Susan Kane, the editor of Babytalk, has been lashing out at 'puritans' and is sticking to her guns.

There was a similar controversy when a slight glimpse of a nipple was visible on the front cover of Mothering.

An ABC poll on Nursing in Public (NIP - no kidding) recorded 53% apppropriate 47% not.

If you want to send Susan Kane a positive mesage, go to their website, and click on Contact us at the bottom of the page:

Other Women's groups have been equally scathing which made us feel really good:

We think overall the publicity has been good, we have not seen one single column or blog that has not congratulated the magazine and dumped on the critics. 'Outrage' may be an overcall - an extreme vocal minority is alwys trying to persuade us they are the community standard.

Inevitably some people will point to women and say they are their own worst enemies, and that is true (like the woman who shredded the magazine in case her son saw it), however it is not entirely women's fault. We have been so brainwashed by the idea of pornography turning our children into paedophiles we are totally confused.

If somebody thinks this sexual, good luck to them, that's their problem - it doesn't mean women all have to run to the bathroom and hide.

We liked the male columnist who wanted to run out and plaster the cover on every wall in the town.

Michael and Liberty

8:20 AM  

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