Monday, January 15, 2007

The Breast Views Blog: Mother's Milk: study

Given that breast feeding has been around since the beginning of time - and baby formula is the 'new' invention - you'd think that our culture would know everything about breast feeding and squat about formula.

Seems the opposite is true. Click the link below for the story.
Many Americans equate formula with mother's milk: study

Sue Richards

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is definitely one area that Canadians need to be proud of, and Americans need to change. When Canada had upped maternal leave to a year, I heard of a friend in the states whose benefits had been backed off to 6 weeks of Mat. Leave!
The benefits of breastfeeding are huge, and go so far beyond nutrition and the things that formula companies advertise and push. There will never be the indivdually specific immunity in formula! breastmilk is always the right temperature, the right consistency (with respect to outside temp/humidity), and even contains pain killers (in the form of endorphins) when there is the need (baby falls, mom is worried, puts baby to breast) -one of the many reasons to breastfeed beyond 6 months, beyond 1 year (toddlers fall, alot!). The immediacy helps develop trust and a sense of self in infants. Infections, bone density, diabetes, chronic illness, and maternal breast cancer risk are all affected for the good by breastfeeding.
14% of 6 month old US babies is a sad, sad statistic.


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