Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Breast Views Blog: What is in Our Cosmetics

A few year's ago, I swore off name brand toothpastes. My main reason; I hated the flip tops. After a few squeezes of the old tube, the spout and cap seemed to get bunged up resulting in crusty toothpaste. How I hated getting one of those lumps in my mouth.

True, my level of health awareness was being prodded as my paste was drying out and I couldn't help wonder what was in the stuff I swished around my mouth and let dribble down my throat daily.

Then I read Campaign for Safe Cosmetic. Let's just say that the tube I was using, even though it claimed to be natural, included some nasty ingredience. I threw it out and found a friendlier brand.

Campaign for Safe Cosmetic adds some context for why we as consumers and users of these daily products need to stop trusting and start asking questions....just for the health of it.

Sue Richards

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