Friday, September 16, 2005

The Breast Views Blog: Real women use thigh creams?

If you'd like to read a range of comments about the previous post Real Women Have Curves then click on this blog. Strong Women Daily News.

Sue Richards
AKA: Calendar Girl

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Anonymous Michael said...

for some reason I coud not post on that link. Clearly a mixed reaction depending on how you analyse the message. What is a real woman? Were those comments from 'real women'. All women are real of course. This does not mean that they need thigh cream of course! In some ways their advertisements are an improvement, in others the same old message. In the Dove campaign it was interesting (and unexpected) to find nudity. I suppose that is progress. I wonder if the message is the same in all countries since one is upposed to choose your own country message. I should look I suppose.

Nevertheless as one comment put it, if you are comfortable in your own skin (which Dove wants us to feel), then we don't need thigh cream.

1:47 PM  

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