Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Breast Views Blog: The Guelph International Film Festival

This year's film festival is themed "Through Women's Eyes". Because of my work with the Breast of Canada Calendar, I've been invited to host one of the films.

Naked, directed by Canadian Mary Bissell explores the use of nudity as a protest tool. Various calendars, bike rides, even an effort called 'striptease for trees' are presented to the viewer in documentary format.

My job as local nudity expert...to introduce the film and guide the Q and A. Fully dresses I might add.

2005 Program & Schedule - The Guelph International Film Festival

Sue Richards

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Blogger Michael said...

Our Sue gains new titles daily. Now the Empress of all that is undressed. Anyway the link is Naked

3:36 PM  

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