Monday, November 07, 2005

The Breast Views Blog: The Savaged Breast

This story is from the Daily Grist, bring you 'top environmental news from around the globe'.

The Savaged Breast

Not good news.

Sue Richards

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Blogger Michael said...

Before everyone panics, lets look at the data for Canada. Actually (unless you never smoked), lung cancer is what women should really be worried about. Lung cancer overtook breast cancer as the leading cause of cancer deaths in women in 1991, and has continued to rise since then.

In women over the age of 50 (when breast cancer is commonest), the incidence rose steadily but gradually between 1975 and 1992, partly related to screening and lifestyle changes. However since 1993 it has stabilised. On the other hand as I have mentioned elsewhere deaths from breast cancer have been falling since 1990.

Unlike lung cancer, the causes of breast cancer are very complex and many different factors genetic, reproductive and environmental interact, making it difficult to promote any one single preventive strategy. On the other hand why take chances?

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