Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Breast Views Blog: Canadian Election

This from my pal Liz Armstrong.

Elizabeth May, Ed Director of the Sierra Club of Canada, and many other prominent Canadian women and men have drafted the attached statement for the launch of the 'Think Twice Coalition' to be held in Toronto tomorrow (Friday) 10:30 a.m. at the Royal York Hotel.

It's all about thinking seriously about the consequences of electing a Stephen Harper majority Conservative government ~ and what this will really mean to Canadian citizens.

Representatives from the child care, aboriginal, women’s rights, health care, human rights, equality rights, environmental, arts, trade union, and advocacy groups have a message for all Canadians.

What would Conservative policies mean for Canadians?

• They mean privatization and de-regulation, and more cuts to social programs.

• They mean the end of the national child care programme, and the rollback of the $5 billion deal between ten provinces and the federal government. This is the beginning of the first new national social programme since Medicare, but Harper says he will cancel it in exchange for a dollar a day sent to Canadians, burdened with securing and financing their own childcare.

• They mean abandonment of the agreement just achieved with First Nations at the Aboriginal Summit, and reneging on promised spending to alleviate a housing and health care crisis for some of Canada’s most vulnerable citizens, women and children.

• They mean a health care system based on commercialization, not patient needs; based on competition between health care providers, not collaborative practice; a health care system that would allocate public health care dollars to for-profit business, rather than improving primary health care for our families; and a continuing absence of national standards for home care, and inadequate long-term care for our seniors.

• They mean the end to the possibility of a national housing programme, and no commitment to the income measures and services needed to reduce poverty.

• They mean more greenhouse gas emissions, the end of the domestic Kyoto plan to reduce emissions by 2012, and moving Canada from a strong supporter of further emission cuts to supporting George Bush’s camp.

• They mean abandoning efforts to protect workers' wages, pensions and benefits in event of corporate bankruptcy.

• They mean greater integration with the US, particularly joint military ventures (including participation in foreign conflicts and space-based military systems).

• They mean abandoning plans for new pay equity legislation.

• They mean abandoning a new national strategy for people with disabilities.

• They mean less government support for the arts and for public broadcasting.

Think Twice.

Sue Richards

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