Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Breast Views Blog: Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Rarer But Deadlier Among Young Women
Younger women are diagnosed with breast cancer less frequently, but their chances of surviving it are lower, meaning that both older and young women have the same breast cancer mortality risk.

An Independent Indicator
A study analyzed a database of over 45,000 women with breast cancer. Surprisingly, being young was found to be an independent indicator of poor survival -- regardless of other factors such as tumor size, hormone receptor status, and treatment.

The Same Odds at 30 and 60
The odds of dying from breast cancer increase by 5 percent for every year that a women is under 45 when diagnosed. This means that the 10-year survival probability of a 30-year-old patient is the same as that of a woman aged 60 years.

Source: MSNBC March 23, 2006/ EurekAlert March 23, 2006

Sue Richards

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