Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Breast Views Blog: Run, Walk and Roll for Cancer Prevention

Liz Armstrong, one of the Breast of Canada calendar writers is in the final stage of training and fundraising preparations for the Run, Walk and Roll for Cancer Prevention.

In Liz's words, "Every year, 150,000 Canadians hear the numbing words, "You have cancer," and their lives - and the lives of family and friends - are forever changed. Despite some welcome progress on treatments to extend life expectancy, each year cancer kills 70,000 people in Canada. These aren't just statistics - they are mothers, friends, younger brothers, co-workers, teenage daughters, grand-dads and neighbours. Part of the tragedy is knowing that well over half of all cancers are preventable - but less than five per cent of our cancer dollars are focused on prevention. Canada needs to act swiftly on a comprehensive cancer prevention strategy that eliminates avoidable carcinogens from our homes, workplaces and the environment-at-large. We all have a right to clean air, pure water, healthy food and safe jobs.

If these words resonate for you AND you would like to help Liz cross the finish line with her pledge goal met, click on the above run link and make a donation.

I did.

Sue Richards

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