Friday, April 28, 2006

The Breasy Views Blog: Diet and Breast Cancer

This just flew into my In-Box.

Nutrition and Breast Cancer: Is there a clear message?

CBCN is offering a nutrition workshop facilitated by Beth Szucks, a clinical dietitian at the Breast Health Centre at the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. Beth was involved in developing the practice guidelines for the treatment of breast pain at the Breast Health Centre, does individual and group education regarding diet and breast health/breast cancer, contributes articles to several breast cancer newsletters in Manitoba and speaks at conferences and workshops for the general public and health care professionals.

We will be discussing the ongoing research about nutrition and breast cancer and what advice we can give about diet and breast cancer. A review of the ongoing and current research regarding primary and secondary risk reduction will be provided. The presentation will also include information about physical activity, weight gain during cancer treatment, bone health after breast cancer and the use of complementary and alternative medicine.

The workshop is free of charge and can be accessed by teleconference or webcast.

Webcast Access

If you would like to access the workshop by the webcast just click on the link at 7:00pm EST on May 1st

Teleconference Access

If you would like to access the workshop by teleconference, please follow the instructions below:

To begin an audio conference:
1. At the agreed upon meeting date and time, Participants dial the toll free: 1.866.219.7782
2. All participants are to enter the Access Code 10936 followed by the # sign.

And join us – either on your own or with a group!

NOTE: a French nutrition workshop is being offered on May 2nd. The Canadian Breast Cancer Network-CBCN

Sue Richards

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