Friday, April 21, 2006

The Breast Views Blog: Blog Skin Exfoliation

Dear Breast View Readers,

I've been messing around with my template, trying on a few new ad sizes and styles, moving my side bar around a tad and generally hoping that the changes on this blog will translate into a wee bit of revenue. You're feedback on my effort is welcome. However I will ask that you be kind yet constructive in your comments. Moving code around in my template gives me the creeps. My confidence is shallow.

For a while, Google read this site incorrectly. Instead of understanding the main subject being women's health with a focus on breast health and breast cancer prevention, Google's spider thought perhaps I was a porn blog. Hence the public service interesting approach to the issue, kind of obtuse yet fairly effective just the same. Hopefully, with the changes I've made, Mr. Spider will get the women's health angel and put nice women's health ads that link to good sites that offer you excellent information and products.

So, on that note, I will be off. Before I go, I'll mention one more time, for Spiderperson's benefit, that The Breast Views Blog is about women's health, breast cancer prevention and breast health. Now go be a smart spider.

Sue Richards

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