Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Breast Views Blog: Brigit's Notes

The Canadian Women's Health Network publishes Brigit's Notes, a monthly e-bulletin, offered as a free service to individuals and organizations interested in women's health."

In this issue

1. Time for Action on Unpaid Caregiving: Research Points the Way

2. Hunger Count 2005: Canada's Only Annual Survey Of Food Banks & Emergency Food Programs

3. Ginkgo biloba for Depression

4. Gender, Child Survival and HIV/AIDS: From Evidence to Policy

5 Practice to Policy: Global Perspectives in Nursing: Call for Abstracts

6. Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada

7. More Women Are Choosing C-Sections Over Natural Birth

8. Changing Diets, Changing Minds

9. Canadian Woman Studies/les cahiers de la femme (CWS/cf): Call for Papers

10. Gearing up for a review of Canada's Women's Health Strategy

11. Submit your own news item to What's Hot

Click here for the full bulletin. Brigit's Notes

Sue Richards

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