Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Breast Views Blog: The Day My Boobs Went Bust

Not being a boob tube owner myself, I am loath to suggest this on one hand, but compelled by a desire to spread the word on the other.

If you live in New Zealand, or the TV ONE viewing area, you may want to tune in on Tuesday January 31 at 9:30pm.

This is what's being serviced up.
Breast implant operations are advertised as the easy way to get a fuller figure and more confidence. But in many cases they can also destroy lives. Currently 60,000 women in Britain alone are ill due to having had breast implants, with implants leaking, rupturing or killing breast tissue and forcing their way out of women's bodies. The programme highlights the horrific problems that can arise, with shocking anecdotal evidence and disturbing visual images of women who have suffered or even died.
The Day My Boobs Went Bust |

Sue Richards

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Anonymous Dalene said...

Hi Sue,

I am a breast cancer survivor and have been searching for blogs to include in my annotated link list at Rutabaga Stew, when I found The Breast Views.

You are pure delight, personally and professionally. You, and your work, ROCK! I also enjoyed reading through The Menopause Blog.

Your newest fan, Dalene

11:44 AM  

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