Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Breast Views Blog: Breasted Canadian Politician

Our 22nd federal election is over. Once again, we have a minority government, this time with a pasty, male, Conservative leader.

Back a couple of year's, in a move that stunned the nation, Belinda Stronach, an under forty, savvy, millionaire business woman turned Conservative politician, left her big C party and crossed the floor to the then in power Liberals. This after she lost the Conservative leadership race to our current, brand spanking new, very square Prime Minister.

People could she shift her loyalties so swiftly....what gall... whatever was the poor girl thinking.

Yesterday, as the dust settled and the new buddy took the top dog spot of running our joint, our newspapers were filled with finger wagging folk convinced that Belinda's defection from the current winners circle to the land of the defeated was just dessert. Their conclusion; as a member of the opposition, she will rot in obscurity.

Ho, ho I thought. Not Belinda. No I'd venture a guess that Ms. Stronach has had her eyes set on the Queen of the Castle seat from the start regardless of which party she worked with. The Conservatives were too darn old boys club to let such a creature lead their parade. So she switched teams. And guess what. The defeated Liberal leader just announced he is stepping down.

My succinct letter to our national newspaper on my prediction was published today.
That Belinda factor
Guelph, Ont.
When I add up the Belinda factors, I come up with the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada.
Sue Richards

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