Friday, October 27, 2006

The Breast Views Blog: Bodies and Souls

Bodies and Souls: The Century Project presents a chronological series of nude photographic portraits of 98 women from the moment of birth to nearly a hundred years of age. The photographs are accompanied by statements, usually written by the women themselves, and often very moving.

The book is a record of the work of American photographer Frank Cordelle, of Oakland, California. He has exhibited The Century Project in public for 14 years. Tens of thousands of viewers have honored the project and its creator with acclaim that few artists ever receive. After seeing an exhibition of it, one woman wrote, "This is the most moving art exhibit I have ever seen."

Check out the Website here.

To request a review copy of the book:

For further information:
Paul Rapoport, publisher, tel.: (905) 304-4836,
(905) 515-9838 (cellular), e-mail:;

Frank Cordelle, author
, tel.: (510) 482-4240, (510) 282-5659 (cellular), e-mail:

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